Lines Of Business
QAS Arabia Co. is a proprietary Saudi Establishment, located in Rahima with diverse experience in all type of Construction, Civil, Electrical, Instrumentation and Mechanical work since 1975. QAS is involved also in leasing services like equipment and manpower on the long and short term basis to Oil and Petrochemical industries, private industries and commercial sectors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The scope of the services provided is outlined hereunder.

     LSPB (Lump Sum Procure and Built Projects)
     Civil Trade Maintenance Contracts of Plants and Terminals
     Tank Repair and T&I
     Turnaround of Plants
     Short form Contracts of all kind 
     Support Services in Skilled Manpower Supply
     Equipment Rental

           1. Installation of heavy industrial equipment.
           2. Fabrication and installation of large hydrocarbon, Gas Pipelines & Cross Country Pipeline
               in Process industries.
           3. Tank erection, Tank Repair & Tank T&I
           4. Installation of firewater sprinkler system and irrigation systems.
           5. Lift Maintenance & Fire Alarm installation.
           6. Maintenance and repairs to refrigeration and air conditioning units.
           7. Installation of sweet and raw water pipeline.
           8. Installation of sewage and underground pipeline.
           9. Abrasive blasting and Critical Coating of industrial pipeline & Structure.
         10. General Maintenance of rotating equipment.
         11. Construction of mechanical workshop and buildings
         12. Fabrication of substation doors, cabinets and mechanical component.
         13. Fabrication and Installation of RTR Pipe
         14. HVAC installation and maintenance
         15. Equipment Maintenance (Mechanical)

           1. Industrial earthwork projects, site grading
           2. Roads in industrial areas etc.
           3. Hauling of fill materials, placement, grading, and compaction and asphalting.
           4. Structural buildings construction.
           5. Renovation of buildings on all kind and type.
           6. Duct banks and Manholes
           7. Substation buildings
           8. Installation of perimeter security fences.
           9. Large & Small Concrete Foundations.
         10. Demolition of concrete and steel structures.

     (c) Electrical & Instrumentation Services: 
          i) Electrical:
               1. Installation of transformers.
               2. Electrical Switchgears, Switch Racks and UPS.
               3. Laying of Cable & Conduit in process industries.
               4. Installation of medium/high voltage cables and termination.
               5. Overhead & underground distribution systems up to 35KV,
               6. Installation of poles, distribution cabinets and substation.

         ii) Instrumentation:
               1. Installation DCS for fire & Gas.
               2. Installation of Analyzers & field transmitters.
               3. Fire alarm & Heat Detection system.
               4. Installation of Tank Gauging System.
               5. SCADA System
               6. Instruments Maintenance ( Repair work)

           Concrete rehabilitation work includes concrete coating application, epoxy injection and grouting
 & structural repairs etc.
          i) Fiber Glass Repair Work:
                1. Fiberglass repair patches on steel and FRP Vessels, concrete tanks and concrete floor.
                2. Fiberglass mat installation work on Tank bottom plate and tank shell.
          ii) Cathodic Protection:
                1. Various types of Cathodes protection.

          i) Grit/Garnet Blasting,
              1. Structures & Plates
              2. Tanks internal & external
              3. Pipelines
              4. Flare structures, etc.
          ii) Critical coating
              1. Critical coating application for onshore/offshore services.

        Computer played a vital role in the expansion of business. Some of the fields where computer
was introduced are listed below,
        1. Planning and Scheduling.
        2. Project cost monitoring system.
        3. Project Man-hour monitoring system.
        4. Project Progress monitoring system.
        5. Project Performance Evaluation System.
        6. Training employees.
        7. CAD operation.
        8. Inspection and Expediting Control System.
        9. Main Stores and site material request and delivery system.
      10. Procurement and staging QA/QC inventory.
      11. Safety Meetings & Updates.
      12. Accounting.